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Dependable Heating & Air Conditioning Services

In the typical home, a lot of money goes toward heating and cooling the building. That's why it's important to work with a professional heating and air conditioning company like Bear Claw Heating & Air, LLC. Serving Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding area, we have the knowledge and experience that's needed to make a difference in your comfort and your utility bills.

Heating System

Retrofitting That's Cost-Effective

If you're in need of an affordable furnace or air conditioner, we can retrofit your new system, using your existing duct work. Extending the life of your HVAC system, we serve commercial clients, homeowners, and property management companies that rent houses, apartments, duplexes, and condominiums.

Customer service is very important to us. Not only do we clean and inspect your equipment during a maintenance call — we also educate our clients on equipment upkeep. Bear Claw Heating & Air, LLC can perform biannual maintenance, inspection, and repair.

New Construction Installations

We offer installations in new homes, combining heating and air conditioning into one easy-to-use unit. This service includes all-new duct work, starting up the furnace, and ventilating exhaust fans. We make sure that everything is up and running for the home's new residents.

Light Commercial Work

Bear Claw Heating & Air, LLC offers a wide variety of light commercial work. We can add and change duct work, add new equipment, and work with architectural drawings and blueprints, serving restaurants, hotels, and small businesses. Our technicians can increase the efficiency of an existing furnace by 80%, offering high-quality maintenance services. We provide honest, hard work for our customers, who are treated with respect. We want to offer you a great experience.